Theodore von La Hache
Theodore Felix von La Hache portret Theodore Felix von La Hache
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Von La Hache; a brief introduction

Von La Hache; in Dresden

Von La Hache; in New Orleans

Von La Hache; his musik

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Theodore von la Hache

Audio files

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Alas, professional recordings of Von La Hache's music on LP, audiotape, CD or DVD are virtually nonexistent.

Our extensive research of record companies and other sound archives in Europe and the United States has resulted in one hit only:
Sony has released an album titled: The Confederacy, which is a collection of songs (for example: "General Lee's Grand March"). In this collection you will find the song "The Conquered Banner" − Music by Von La Hache (Sony 47123)

However, in Tilburg (the Netherlands) private recordings were made of the Mass of St. Theresia (Opus 421), executed in 1986 by "St. Dionysius Men's Choir" from Tilburg, conducted by Bert Spijkers and with Christiaan Kuyten as organist.

On Christmas Day 2003 the same Mass was recorded once more, this time by Krelis Swaans; executed also by "St. Dionysius Men's Choir" ("Het Goirke") from Tilburg, then conducted by Jos Vingerhoets and with Christiaan Kuyten as organist.

In 2007 the committees of Parochial Church Choir Goirke and Roman Catholic Choir Gasgothe decided to release a first CD of Von La Hache church music.
Under the leadership of conductor Jos Vingerhoets and accompanied at the organ by Harry Swinkels, recordings were made of the "Missa de St. Thérèse" (by the Men's Choir Choirke), the "Mass in F" (by Mixed Choir Goirke) and the "Mass in Honor of St. Louis" (by Roman Catholic Choir Gasgothe). Parts of the "Missa Pro Pace" ("Asperges Me" and "Tantum Ergo", performed by all choirs together) were also recorded on this CD. Presentation of this CD, a world first, took place during a magnificent concert on June 22, 2008.
Sound Engineering: Wim van Gool
Graphic Design: Krelis Swaans
Producer: Committee Parochial Church Choir Goirke

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