Theodore von La Hache
Theodore Felix von La Hache portret Theodore Felix von La Hache
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Von La Hache; a brief introduction

Von La Hache; in Dresden

Von La Hache; in New Orleans

Von La Hache; his musik

Sources and acknowledgments

Theodore von la Hache

In Dresden

In Dresden (Germany) 1822 - 1842

Due to circumstances - especially the bombardments on the city of Dresden during World War II in 1945, resulting in the destruction of 90% of all records - little is known about Von La Hache's early years.
Mr. Matthias Liebich, Domkapellmeister of the Cathedral in Dresden, recently (2005) researched the baptismal registers of the Hofkerk in Dresden.
Unfortunately, the records of 1820 through May 1827 appear to have been destroyed during the Second World War. So the exact date of birth of Von La Hache will remain a mystery forever ...

Von La Hache himself mentioned that he was born in Dresden in March 1822. Probable dates might be the 20th , 21st or 22nd of March. Other sources also indicate Von La Hache's German descent, saying that he " ...enjoyed a scholarly musical education in his place of birth Dresden, where he was initiated in the secrets of the free counterpoint by Reissiger... "

Fortunately, a letter from 1906, written by Von La Hache's son Emile Charles, sheds more light on the blue-blooded parentage of Von la Hache.
According to this letter, the father of Theodore (Von) (De) La Hache was the French Marquis Theodore D. de la Hache, a colonel in the army of Napoleon Bonaparte who was injured at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.
The Baroness Von Manteuffel, Von La Hache's mother, took care of his wounds in the castle of Manteuffel near Dresden.
In 1842, together with fifty other young nobles, Von La Hache emigrated from Germany to the United States to avoid serving in the Prussian Army.
Von La Hache arrived in New York and finally ended up in New Orleans.
(Note: In 1803, the emperor of France, Napoleon Bonaparte, sold the state of Louisiana - including the main harbour of New Orleans- to the United States of America for $ 15,000,000).

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